Tourists at Greek island of Zakynthos injured after cliff collapses on beach

  1. Tourists at Greek island of Zakynthos injured after cliff collapses on beach  Fox News
  2. Tourists flee for their lives after rock collapses at popular beach  Yahoo News
  3. Zante beach in Greece hit by tonnes of rock falling from cliff  The Guardian
  4. A massive sheet of rock sloughed off a cliff onto vacationers at a Greek island  Washington Post
  5. Screaming tourists run to safety in shocking new video of Zante beach cliff collapse  Daily Mail
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'Palau against China!': the tiny island defying the world's biggest country

Archipelago is refusing to switch diplomatic allegiance from Taiwan to China, despite a huge downturn in its tourism industry

Wearing a Hawaiian shirt and sipping an iced tea, Ongerung Kambes Kesolei sits at a veranda bar overlooking a hotel pool, under fans that slowly push humid air around on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

But the calm of the scene is deceptive, for Kesolei is explaining that his small island home of Palau – a dot on the map in the north-west corner of the Pacific with a population of just over 20,000 people – has attracted the ire of one of the world’s most powerful nations and is now at the centre of a geo-political bunfight.

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Trevor the lonely duck gets tiny island of Niue in a flap

Arrival of lone bird has surprised and delighted Pacific atoll’s residents who bring food and spend time topping up its puddle

The remote Pacific atoll of Niue, a three and a half hour flight from Auckland, has a population of 1,600 humans and, as of early this year, one duck.

The arrival of the lone bird has surprised and delighted locals. He has been christened Trevor, after the the Speaker of the House of Representatives in New Zealand, Trevor Mallard.

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