For the child victims of priests, what would real justice look like?

For the child victims of priests, what would real justice look like?There are crimes, like the sexual abuse of children, from which many turn away – using language like “unspeakable,” “unimaginable,” or even “inhuman.”  Even survivors create their mental shields from the crimes they endured.  “This form of abuse is really completely and utterly spiritually annihilating,” says Christa Brown, a survivor of abuse at the hands of a Baptist minister decades ago, and an author who now lives in Colorado. “As a survivor, the biggest, most important part of justice is to be heard, and to be believed,” says Michael Norris, a chemical engineer and manager in Houston, who was abused by a Roman Catholic priest while attending summer camp when he was 10.

Trump 'almost sent tweet that North Korea would have seen as warning of attack'

Journalist Bob Woodward says moment was most dangerous point of president’s standoff with Pyongyang

US President Donald Trump spooked the Pentagon leadership with a tweet that – had it been sent – would have been read by North Korea as a sign of an imminent US attack, journalist Bob Woodward has said in an interview.

Woodward, whose new book Fear: Trump in the White House hits book stores on Tuesday, described the incident in the interview with CBS as the most dangerous moment of Trump’s nuclear standoff with North Korea.

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